"The CDC is wrong"

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus the World Health Organization has always recommended 80% for Ethan based hand sanitizers. That is why we decided to make our hand sanitzer at 80% to specifically help fight the COVID19. The following article brings attention to the fact that the CDC is recommending sanitizers with less Ethanol.

"So how much alcohol do you actually need? According to a systematic review by Günter Kampf of the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, Germany, ethanol is highly effective at 80% concentration, which is the level where the alcohol will inactivate an enveloped virus within 30 seconds. Reassuringly, at 43% ethanol starts working against the original SARS-CoV-1, whose structure is almost identical to the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

The CDC’s recommendation to use hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol is wrong with reference to Coronavirus, and its guidelines need updating."

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